This upload opens with a close up shot of water, which the user indicates, was taken “from our boat on the River Avon, a few hours downstream of Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon”. The text is given a score as well as the feint ticking of a clock. The sense of the Shakespearean sonnet form of three quatrains and a closing ryhming couplet is compromised by the editing that has occurred, with fourteen lines cut to just five. But if this upload may not be the best recommendation for students wishing to learn about the organization and rhyming scheme of the sonnet, it does constitute an interesting interpretation and remaking of the poem. Indeed it may be picking up on the extent to which, as in other sonnets, the dilemmas and frustrations posed in the three quatrains are insufficiently resolved by the concluding couplet. An upload that is all about kinetic text and visual effects? Perhaps. But in their emendations, the creators have produced an appropriate shortening of a sonnet that is itself about the shortening effects of time.