In this upload by froj2002, kinetic type is combined with what the user describes as a “motion gra[p]hics ‘reel’ using photographs of hand made type”. Of particular interest here is the inclusion of the images of handmade type. For instance, in the visualization of line 3 (“From hence your memory death cannot take”), the word ‘memory’ is emphasised and rendered in shadowy font; with line 6 (“Though I, once gone, to all the world must die”) ‘die’ is spelt out in charred match sticks; with line 10 (“Which eyes not yet created shall oe’read”), the word ‘eyes’ has been inked on to a closed eye-lid; in line 12 (“When all the breathers of this world are dead”), ‘this’ is displayed in a font reminiscent of Elizabethan long-hand; and, in the final line (Where breath most breathes, ev’n in the mouths of men”), we see ‘breathes’ as breath on a mirror. In some instances, the visuals may be of an overly literal kind. But what is interesting about this sonnet adaptation is the contrast between two visual effects, recognizable type and handmade or created text-images or between word as print and as handwritten. Perhaps this contrast captures something of the originary form of Shakespeare’s sonnets as texts that circulated in manuscript or were inscribed on to minitature portraits but were not necessarily intended to appear in printed form. It is as if the Shakespearean sonnet as manuscript is a spectral presence in this upload.