This upload by JeffMaus is a fine example of user-generated Hamlet content on You Tube. It combines a series of images from film and TV with a voiceover, which is the audio of Kenneth Branagh’s performance from his 1996 film. The images variously suggest drug addiction, alcohol dependency and psychic disturbance. Other elements include Lou Reed’s “Heroin” and a quote from Kurt Vonnegut on smoking as a form of delayed self-annihilation, cited in the detailed version of the by-line accompanying the upload. The combination of the Branagh audio with the visuals can be understood in the context of mash-up culture, where existing media content is cited and redeployed in a process of creative redaction. Here, the montage of filmic images visualize rather than compete with Hamlet’s words and, in the process, suggest or even assert an interpretation of them. Further, I think the effect of the images, especially the opening shot of a man injecting himself and the close-up of a needle superimposed over other images of people drinking and in states of distress, is to imbue Branagh’s somewhat dispassionate performance with pathos as the viewer is prompted to reflect on suffering and psychological torment. Hamlet thus functions here as one of the intertexts – along with the remediated films and the Reed and Vonnegut quotes – that prompt a consideration of humanity.