Hamlet – The Death of Ophelia – Director’s Cut (uploaded 15 December 2006 by Edit 538) reproduces the iconic image of Ophelia’s death using stop motion animation and a wooden doll. The video eschews a naturalistic portrayal of Ophelia’s death that is evident in other Ophelia videos on YouTube and might be said to offer a parody of responses to and adaptations of Ophelia’s image, with the reduction of her iconicity to a wooden doll on a perilous journey across a bathtub. The opening title sequences, with their parodic referencing of the 20th Century Fox and MGM set up viewer expectations that this treatment of Ophelia is going to be less than serious. However, the comments on the video indicate that it is not viewed entirely as a parody, with several viewers taking issue with what they regard as an incorrect depiction of Ophelia’s death as pre-meditated. The video, even as it parodies images of Ophelia and perhaps parodies post-Shakespearean reproductions too, raises questions among its viewers about authenticity and faithfulness to the play. This and other Ophelias are available in the playlist below: